Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Build a Garden Bench

By Deborah M

After you labor for hours planting, weeding, watering and waiting you are ready to sit and enjoy the garden you so carefully tended. You can use a few pieces of scrap lumber, a well placed log, or cinderblocks and an old plank for a place to sit, or you could build a bench. If you're after that "rustic" look, then making a bench out of scraps, logs and old stuff should do just fine. If you're looking for something a little more polished and eye-catching, then consider building it yourself and tweak the design as you like it. It only takes a few basic tools and a little time. The cost is minimal.

Instead of dragging one of those tacky lawn chairs from the shed or garage or sitting on the ground, consider taking on a weekend project of constructing your own garden bench. There are different varieties to suit your needs. There are also numerous types of wood to choose from. You could choose to stain your bench or add some character with paint or even a mural.

You can build your own garden bench very easily with very little help, unless you want it. If you have a formal garden and a need for something with an "air" about it, you may need to spend a little bit longer on the design and extra features. However, you are less concerned with impressing people and just want a basic bench for functionality, you could build something very classy and simple. You can produce a comfortable area for you and others to sit and enjoy your garden.

No matter whether you're a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, whether you're building your first wooden bench or you've built many, whether you DO or DO NOT have the skills or knowledge for building, or however many instructional books or blueprints you've ever can build your own bench.

These plans have illustrations and easy-to-read language. The process is outlined step-by-step, so virtually anyone can do it. You can also download a simple basic 12' x 18' storage shed plan free, so you can see first hand how the plans are laid out.

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